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Privacy policy

Privacy Policy – Orion Horse Shoes Sàrl


We process personal data in accordance with the Swiss Data Protection Act, which came into effect in Switzerland on September 1, 2023 (LPD). This document specifies what data we collect and what we do with it. We apply the same privacy policy to both individuals (natural persons) and legal entities (companies and associations).

The personal data we process concerns users of our software, as well as individuals with whom we have business relationships. We collect this data to provide you with services and to ensure the processes inherent in the operation of our business (communication, billing, subscription management, recovery).

Processing of Personal Data

When you subscribe to the Orion Horse Shoes Ltd newsletter, we record the email address to be used for sending it and the preferred language of communication.

When you create an Orion-Equus or Orion Scan 3D account, we link it to one or more email addresses and record the preferred language of communication.

When you order software or a service (subscription, technical support, intervention request, course registration, etc.), we record your billing address and, if necessary, a phone number to reach you. For online payments, we do not record any credit card-related data. For invoice payments or refunds, we record the necessary banking information to process the transaction.

Processing of Technical Data

When you use our online services, we record technical data such as your IP address, computer configuration, and login credentials used. We do not associate this technical data with personal data unless it is necessary for the operation of the system.

When you visit or, we use cookies to ensure technical functions (e.g., user login or language selection). We use a traffic analysis system provided by Google to optimise our websites. This system does not collect any personal data. We do not transmit any additional data that would allow Google to associate this technical information with personal data.

Processing of Sensitive Personal Data

The use of our services and offerings does not require any sensitive personal data. Our data management services encrypt the data upstream using a key unknown to us, which prevents us from reading them (https).

Technical Support

When you use our technical support, you may grant us access to your work environment so that we can assist you in resolving a specific issue. You agree to share potentially sensitive data - especially related to your company's information and stored data of your clients - with our employees knowingly. We will never request the transmission of sensitive data via email. We are committed to treating your data appropriately and with the care and caution required. We limit the storage of this data over time and erase it from our systems no later than 90 days after the case is closed. Our team is aware of the issue of personal data and we implement best practices to ensure an adequate level of security.

Sharing Data with Third Parties

We may share your data with third parties in the following cases: Legal obligation, legal action, protection of our rights, recovery procedure. Subcontracting (e.g., hosting of our services, management of licenses delegated to a reseller, online order payment). Express request from your employer, if you use our software, services, or offerings in the scope of your work. In all other cases, we do not share any personal information with third parties without your prior consent. In particular, we never share your data with third parties for marketing purposes.

Notification in Case of Breach

If we discover unauthorised access to personal data (data breach, theft, intrusion, cyberattack, etc.), we undertake to inform all affected parties as soon as possible. We inform via email, provided that the integrity of our systems allows such communication. Otherwise, or depending on the degree of urgency, information via public channels - press, social networks - may be preferred to ensure the widest possible dissemination of information.

Purpose, Retention, Security, Storage, Portability

We respect the principles of purpose, retention, and security as defined by law. Personal data is processed and stored exclusively on servers located in Switzerland and by Swiss companies, which are also subject to the LPD. In accordance with the law, you can demand a copy of the personal data concerning you. If necessary, you can ask us to correct inaccurate information or delete corresponding data. These requests must be accompanied by proof of your identity and communicated to us by postal mail.

Version of 22.02.24

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