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Innovation in the Craft of Farriery

Manage, analyze, and share with the power of Orion.

Available from February 24, 2024


Orion Equus: the CRM tailored for farriers.

A CRM designed for you. From managing your horses to billing, simplify your daily routine.

-  Management of horses and stables.

-  Customer space for horse owners.

-  Tracking schedules, streamlined billing.

-  Share your data with clients, veterinarians, and employees.


Your business, your colors.

Both the client space and the farrier space are fully customizable in line with your company's branding. Accessible from all your devices.


Orion Scan 3D:

measure, visualize, share.

A groundbreaking technology to precisely visualize the hoof and optimize the placement of the shoe.


Calculation of the interphalangeal joint center.

Historical tracking of shoeing.

lightX 3_edited.png

Visualize our shoe models on the hoof.

Share your work with your clients!

3D visualization

Thanks to the Orion Scan 3D application, you will also be able to visualize your horse's hooves in 3D.

3 Monts of trial !

Introducing our exclusive launch offer:

Get the Orion Equus & Orion Scan 3D for just 50.- for 3 months!  After the trial, 50.- per month and only 1.- per month per additional horse to rent our software.

Don't miss out on this incredible offer!

3 months for 50 €

then 1 € per horse/month

Payment available in Swiss Franc (CHF) for Switzerland .
1 € = 1 CHF hence 50 € = 50 CHF


Merci pour votre envoi !

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